yeah but can we talk about aos!sybok

sybok much younger in this universe, but still broad-shouldered and beardy and beaming. shaggy messy hair suits him and casual human fashion flatters his form in a way spock could never quite pull off. he might have a piercing or two, studded pointy ears, and his cause and beliefs laid out in ink down his arms in swirling vulcan script. he has sarek’s towering height and carries himself with the authority of the princess that bore him. he is a revolutionary, a truth-seeker, and yet there is an easiness about him - the confidence of a man utterly at odds with his culture and yet entirely comfortable in his own skin.



Okay but imagine young Sybok seeing a younger Spock cry for the first time once he’s gone all “logical” on him. And while he’s heartbroken at seeing his usually emotionless baby brother cry he can’t help but smile and laugh disbelievingly: “Are you exuding liquids because of emotional stimuli??”, because he’s proud Spock’s letting out all the anger and frustration and grief he knows he feels.

Then imagine Spock’s sniffle when he tries to say “no" in a stable voice, making Sybok scoot closer to his baby brother and wrap his arms and legs around him because he’s always been crazy affectionate with Spock and just wants him to be okay.

And image the way Spock would cling to Sybok because he hates that he’s crying and he got called out on it, but he can’t stop so he just relishes in the comfort of being accepted and tries to muffle himself in his big brother’s tunic because he doesn’t want to be lectured again since Amanda’s out and Sarek is just down the hall in his office.



but like

what if sarek was actually a very loving/affectionate father (by vulcan standards) for the first part of spock’s life

up until sybok started to act out/discarding the teachings of surak

and sarek thought he was being too soft on his boys and not raising them as proper vulcans so that’s when he started being more cool/logical around spock because he didn’t want spock to go down the same path as sybok

and spock was still a bit too young to realize his father didn’t hate him for being ‘so human’ and ‘not vulcan enough’